The Casual Curvissa Coat

Saturday, February 07, 2015

When Curvissa got in touch asking if I would like to review a coat, I assessed my wardrobe and thought, I have no casual coats, 
I wanted something casual that I could throw on over the top of anything.

I opted for this High Contract Casual Jacket 

At first glance you would think its a hoody, however as its longline it streamlines and it makes it look as well as feel completely different. 

The black panel effect on the sleeves, cuff and hood really make it stand out 

This jacket is just the perfect 'inbetweener', you know the kind, 
 you need something on cause its chilly, yet you're in and out the car, in an out of shops and a big coat would just be faaaar too hot.
This, this is ideal. 

I opted for a size 18/20 and it does do up, but it's a teeny bit snug, if you want the oversized look I would size up, but personally I like to have it open, I think it looks better.

The only downside of this jacket for me it has NO pockets, I definitely missed not having them.

The price of this jacket is £31.00 and its in the sale at the moment.

Thanks to Curvissa for asking me to be involved. 
I have to admit I'm a couple of weeks behind on this post, this jacket has been on a nice little trip around the UK and it only landed through my door yesterday, but make sure you do go and check out the other ladies that took part and scroll through their posts to find their reviews. 
I'm loving how we all chose something completely different.

Make sure you take a look at all the other coats in the Curvissa Range, they have quite a selection with a load in the sale right now.


Mrs M xxxx 

*jacket kindly sent by Curvissa

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