He's My Lobster

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Love Day Everyone.

Now we're not the hearts and flowers kinda couple, I don't need jewellery, chocolates or flowers today (although the odd bunch throughout the year wouldn't go a miss Chris - lol) by way of proof that Chris loves me and visa versa.

Personally I think Valentines Day is so commercialised these days, why do we need an individual day to tell someone we love them when we SHOULD do it everyday?

To me its the little things that mean the most, like, right now, whilst writing this I am staring at the homemade card that he lovingly made me in his work break yesterday. (card making is a little joke of ours) and after I have posted this I will make us breakfast and then we will curl up together. 
We're not going for a romantic meal or a fancy smansy day out, its just not us, we don't need it, I would be quite happy with a portion of chips and a can of coke to share. 
Its not WHERE I am, its WHO I'm with.

In a way its kinda weird that we don't celebrate Valentines Day seeing as we actually got together on Valentines Day 15 years ago we had been the best of friends for about a year or so, although we both secretly liked each other, we supported each other throughout failed relationships and even became buffers for each other when we went on dates I remember vividly asking Chris to be in the pub during one of my dates as I was sure the guy was a little intense, and I remember he once brought a date of his into the pub where I worked to see if she got my seal of approval, y'see we've always had a connection but being young we never saw it (everyone else did) but we didn't, when we finally got together all those years ago after a series of text messages on our Nokia 5210's (yes were going old school) we finally admitted how we felt about each other on Valentines Day and that's when I finally understood what true love was. 
Quite simply Chris is MY LOBSTER.

He is my entire world, my right arm, my best friend, my other half, my better half, my soul mate.

And so, instead of waffling on I'm going to turn the computer off for a few hours and hang out with my most favourite person.

I hope you have a nice love day weather you celebrate it or not or if you're spending it with your favourite pals, your favourite relatives or with your pets have a LOVEly day.

Mrs M xxxx

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