Caught Short?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Imagine you're at work and your boss tells you they needs you to hop on a plane that afternoon and visit a customer.... 
  Arrrrgh .... panic....

Well, just before Christmas I was sent a little package that at first I'm not gonna lie made me giggle slightly, think black packaging, think a saucy lady illustration.... 
In my mind I thought, huuuuh? 
I haven't ordered anything, ya know.... naughty.

When I opened it I was met with this cute little packaged 
pair of pants.

They are from the brand

The concept is quite simply as its name suggests, 
a pair of pants if you're ever 
'Caught Short' 
in an urgent or tricky situation on the go.

The pants come in three colours black, white and nude and in sizes S, M, L & XL they cost £7.50 each and will be readily available in gyms, hotels, spa's, garages, vending machines, pharmacies and supermarkets.

The packaging is small and convenient enough to carry in a clutch, handbag or even suitcase.

As for the quality of the pants, you would be forgiven in thinking they would be made of horrible cheap material, quite the contrary actually, made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane they feel really nice.

All in all an interesting brand and concept, however my only concern is the price.
 I do think they could be cheaper as I can get a 5 pack of pants from M& S for the same price.

To find out more you can find their website HERE


Mrs M xxxx

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