Black and Gold...

Friday, October 17, 2014

We can safely say that Summer has now left us, and with that the bright clothes have now been vacuum packed and placed under the bed until the temperatures rise again next year.

With the packing, came sadness as I packed away my favourite tropical print kimonos.
What was I going to wear now? I have practically lived in Kimonos this summer.

Then I spied this black and gold crinkle kimono in Yours  Clothing 

The black and shiny gold print is just perfect for Autumn/ Winter, 
I opted to size up for the oversized look, but on the whole this kimono is really generous and so I could of actually gone with my normal size and it would of still been oversized.

As weather has been quite interchangeable lately I have been wearing it with an plain black short sleeve tee, and jeans but  when it gets colder I will definitely be layering up and wearing it with long sleeve tops, woolly tights and skirts which makes it really versatile for the £25 price. 

*What I'm Wearing*
Black & Gold Print Kimono - Yours Clothing
Black Tee - Yours Clothing
Jeans - Aldi 
Boots - Old
Gold Necklace - Old

I am loving the crepe detailing on this, it makes it different and the gold print is so festive like.
I will be dressing this up for family Christmas events for sure.

I really am loving this Kimono and I really think the gold tones go really nicely with my new dyed hair. 
What do you guys think?

Mrs M xxx

*kimono kindly sent by yours clothing

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