The Dark Side

Friday, September 26, 2014

I totally owe Chris a fiver...... He bet me when I decided to go blonde I would be back Dark by the end of October. I protested .... doth a bit too much, and it turns out he was right and he knows me better than I know myself.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy being a blonde in the summer, but when all the leaves start changing at the auturm/winter fashion comes around my head gets swayed to dark hair again.... 
I just can't resist it.

And so Thursday night I went from blonde to brunette.....

I went to the local salon as I'm always fearful if I do a box dye the first time I will end up with Green hair 
(its happened to me before) and in an hour they transformed me from blonde to a warm brunette and I LOVES it!!!

Bring on all the Autumnal colours :)

Gotta love and Instargram Filter ;)

Love Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Looking good. Fairy tale good, I'm thinking snow whitish.

    I'm still missing my bright red hair, however blonde upkeep is much simpler x

  2. I think you suit both colours, very lucky! But definitely think brunette is better for autumn :D

  3. Brunette is beautiful!! Really like that a lot on you and also the fact that you'd rather lose the money than keep a hair colour you don't enjoy anymore... ;-)


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