Saturday, September 13, 2014

As I've said in previous posts, Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, 
one of the reasons is because you get to wrap up all cosy and warm.

During the colder months I always love a parka coat.
They have a way of keeping you warm, yet looking casual and stylish.

The Mods always did make them look cool.
Quadrophenia is one of my favourite films you know, I would of totally been a Mod in the seventies. 

When I perused the new Claire Richards Autumn/Winter collection in Fashion World my eyes immediately wandered to this 

This coat is just me all over.... 
I love nothing more than going out walking, esp around National Trust Houses and Gardens. 
In fact I wore this to Stourhead today and it was just perfect.

I wondered with it being oversized it might be a bit too long for me, being as 
I'm a shorty bum bum at 5ft 4in but no, it was perfect.

What I particularly love about this coat is the rib sleeves.
It makes it different and its suprisongly comfy.

As for the fur trim, its still a little mild to be putting the hood up, but rest assured when the weather starts to get colder and bitter that hood will be  firmly up.
I can also see me taking this to New York, when we finally get round to booking. 
I hear its bitter there in February.

All in all I am really pleased with this coat and definitely has my seal of approval.
Its comfy, its stylish, its super warm and its true to size. 
One of the best items in the Claire Richards Range, thanks Claire!! 

Can you tell I enjoyed walking in those leaves today?? Ha!!!

I'm going to love wearing this, this Autumn/Winter... and the next ... and the next...


Mrs M xxxx

*coat was kindly gifted to me by Fashion World

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  1. This looks lovely on you! I'm all about the crunch leaves, I need a new winter coat this year so I'll be checking this out! x

  2. Fab coat, looks lovely on you & great photos xx


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