Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a 
Simply Be Store Styling session.

Seeing as I was in Doncaster visiting Miss Budget Beauty it 
made sense to go and visit the Doncaster Store.

The store itself was really nicely laid out and most importantly had aircon which was a godsend in the million degree heat 
we've been having as of late.

The staff were lovely and made my visit fun and easy showing me the magic mirror that took photo's of you in the outfits that you could print out and take away or even email yourself or others to ask their opinion, its so nice to feel at ease and comfortable when trying clothes on.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the day

This first dress: was one of my favourites from the off, 
I'd seen this online and then spied in the store window and I 
knew I had to try it on.
Accompanied with these Sandals and this

Gorgeous bag it is a perfect summer afternoon outfit.

         Next up was this Slogan T Shirt, as a blogger it really made me chuckle.... taking photos is what its all about right?.

I absolutely fell in love with this monochrome dress but sadly I can't find it anywhere online if anyone can steer me in the right direction I would be really grateful as I'm kicking myself for not getting it and REALLY want it now!!!

The bag I teamed it with it though was pretty fierce.

Again this dress I couldn't find the link for and to be honest I was dubious about trying it on, the beauty of taking a fellow blogger with you is they have a different vision, Khila made me try this and added the belt, it made such a huge difference. 
Its nice to have someone there pushing your boundaries.

This 2 in1 dress on the website is shown as dressed down but I wanted to dress it up and make it a bit 

As for the bag, I spied this as soon as I walked in and knew I wanted to accessorise it with the dress. 
Its so vibrant and on trend

Next up doesn't this dress and shrug ooze Christmas Party.... or in my case Vegas, I can see me wearing this as I stroll around the Bellagio in March.

As for the neckline, look how gorgeous the colours are, amazing!!!

Last but not least was this Kimono, Pink Top, Jeans and Straw Bag ensemble I absolutely LOVE this look. 
Just add a pair of borrowed Ray Bans for that 
bada bing badda booom. 
Sadly this kimono seems to have sold out but Simply Be have just 
released a brand new selection of gorgeous kimonos that 
you can find HERE so go take a look.

I tried on soooo many lovely things while I was there that I could literally be here all day writing about every single one so this post is kinda brief so instead I filmed a video for you guys showing you ALL the items I tried on and all the links are in the video's description box.

Huge Thanks to all the staff at the Simply Be Store in Doncaster for making my visit such fun and big loves to Miss Budget Beauty for being my camera lady and patiently helping me for 2 hours while I tried on rails of clothes.

Can  you guess which items I took away with me?

To see more of my store visit you can check out my video below.
Hope you enjoy!!!


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Hi Emma, I had a question about the Maroon Collared Swing dress you tried on. I know it's been since August ...
    On the website they made the bottom part of the dress look like it has a lot of flare. Does it have a lot of flare or 'swing' to it or is it cut straight in person? The dress looks great on you, my biggest part of me is my stomach, so I'm not sure it would look as great as it does on you. I just love the collar and color though!


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