Cake in the Post - BakerDays Review

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August has been birthday busy, Chris's birthday, friends birthdays, My birthday tomorrow yay!!! 
What do you think of when you think of birthday's....

When BakerDays offered to send me a cake I  opted for a joint  birthday cake for me and my Chrisifer.
I perused the selection online and chose a personalised cake, all I had to do was send an image and they would do the rest. 

A few days later it arrived, in a sweet little box just big enough to fit through the letterbox and it was really well packaged so any breakages are well avoided.

When I opened it the cake is actually in the cutest little tin and comes with a gift card and candles, and a party blower, such a thoughtful touch.

The cake itself tastes so yummy, it is the tastiest thing I've had through the letterbox that's for sure.

We opted for a belgian chocolate cake as we are a sucker for chocolate in this household and I'm not a cream fan of buttercream that you normally find on birthday cakes. 
This cake was gorgeous, it was really moist and flavoursome. 
Its good to know that they also can supply Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Dairy Free cakes.

We ate ours the day it arrived but all BakerDays cakes stay fresh for 14 days if stored in a cool dry place and they also can deliver next day if you order by 2pm. Speedy cake service!!!

The cake we received was from the personalised letterbox section the letterbox cakes cost £14.99 and if you have different flavours the price can differ. 
Looking at the BakerDays website they certainly do an amazing selection 
of cakes in different shapes, sizes and over 500 themes to suit all ages. 
They also do cupcakes which look amazing. 
They really are a lovely gift to send to someone. 
I know I will definitely be ordering some cakes in the future.

I will be bringing you a competition to win one of these cakes soon so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, I'm off to eat more yummy cake.

Thanks BakerDays

Mrs M xxxx

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