Primark Palette

Monday, July 07, 2014

A few weeks ago I went to Primark and perused the make up which is something I rarely do in there. 

This 8 Shade Day Eye Shadow Pallete caught my eye. 

I've been after a cheap and cheerful natural palette for some time and as I'm holding out for an 
Urban Decay Naked Basics pallete for my birthday this year I wanted something in the interim 

With 8 really lovely natural colours for only £2.50 you can't go wrong really. 

The real test comes with the durability and pigmentation, I have to say the pigmentation isn't amazing, I mean I'm no make up pro but it took several layers to acheive the below look however when when its on, the staying power was fab.

Picture One is before an 8 hour shopping trip with my mum 

Picture One
Picture Two is after we got back, the foundation is looking ropey, the lippie was reapplied but the eyeshadow is still going strong.

Picture Two

All in all for £2.50 it really doesn't break the bank, I am suitable impressed and will be using it again....
until I get my Naked Palette of course ;)

Mrs M xxxx

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