Karma Karma Karma.....Kimono

Thursday, July 03, 2014

You may have seen on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago I did a week of Kimono wearing - well a working week. 
I wore one to work every single day.

Monday's Kimono was a new one from New Look a couple of weeks ago, I have looked for a link on the website but can't find this particular one but you can find the link the their online selection HERE

Tuesday's was a really old one from Very

Wednesday's was a Jacket Style from Simply Be last year

Thursday's was from H & M (old sorry)

Friday's was from the Gemma Collins Range at Simply Be, no longer available (sorry)

Kimonos are a staple item in my wardrobe I love them. 
They are so easy to wear, 
I have my eye on a few from Yours at the moment and waiting till pay pay comes around again.

Are you a fan of Kimono's?.... Where have you been buying yours?


Mrs M xxxx


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