Learning to Love Exercise Again

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I used to be such a gym bunny - I was there every night pounding away (sounds rude)
That was 8 years ago now when I was in throws of organising a wedding and thinking of my wedding dress.
Flash Forward to now and I dread exercise - I think it is down to the extra weight I now carry.
Since getting married I have packed on around 4 stone and I know this is down to the fact I don't exercise as much as I used to.
Its almost cliché but I got married and I became content, content with cosy nights in with Chris, content with opting to slouch on the sofa instead of going for a walks, cancelling my gym memebership yadda yadda.... 
I started Slimming World but I just couldn't get on with the classes and felt fear of getting weighed every week and the knot I felt in my stomach before going to class.
Something had to change, something IS changing - I need to learn to love exercise again to enable me to shed the pounds I have gained.
Gone are the days of wanting to work out in the gym - I want to exercise ON MY TERMS
And so a week or so ago I bought a Cross Trainer - or should I say Nordid Walker - Its fold up and not electric so I can move it anywhere in the house pretty easy in fact I have been using it in the garden and on a cooler evening its lovely.
So far I have been using it every night for half an hour and I really am enjoying it, I plan to ramp it up and extend the amount of time every night and then when I feel a bit fitter I MAY ... MAY attempt some jogging, I used to jog all the time.
I think its going to be a slow burn kinda love but I think it will happen again when I get my fitness levels back up.
Wish me luck
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Good woman!! Lots of luck with it x

  2. Good luck Em. I feel just the same way - I know I feel better after exercise, I just need to talk myself into it. Exercise is the only thing that works for me! Thinking about food all the time just screws with my head and affects my mental health. x x

    1. Oh god I totally know what you mean, I was in the SW zone for a few weeks then it just drove me potty - Exercise is the way to go with me. xx

  3. Good luck Em I hope it works out for you, I do like going to the gym but I do find it such a chore to do. I did have a rowing machine but I just never used it. I need to find something that I like again to exercise. The same with me as I hate exercising I do think it is down to my weight as well. But good luck xx


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