Playing Dress Up At Taking Shape

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey Everyone,

So when the lovely guys at Taking Shape invited me to go for a personal styling session at one of their stores I obviously jumped at the chance.

I have been a fan of this new to the UK brand for some time now due their 
vibrant coloured clothing and unusual designs.
They are a very well known brand in Australia and New Zealand 
and last year they brought their brand over to the UK. I did a post 
all about this last year which you can read HERE.

My nearest store is Bristol which is approx and hour and half away from me.

And so on Saturday 15th myself and Chris made the journey to Bristol – big up to 
Chris who is the most patient husband EVER and always drives me to places and events. Love him!!!

We arrived at the store at 2pm and it was so nice to see the store bustling with people, of all ages admiring all the new season items.  
The atmosphere in store was warm and friendly and the lady behind the counter (Ursula) was so engaging and inviting, it made a refreshing change from the usual hum drum of stores and the manicness of people barging past each other. 
(I'd been to Primark half hour beforehand - OMG it was mental) 

Ursula was appointed my personal stylist and she was so lovely to us, 
showing us to the dressing room area which was so cute with amazing mirrors  she made us teas, 
showered us with biscuits and haribo, whilst sorting through clothing choices she thought I might enjoy - love it!!

One of the first items I tried on was this multicoloured tunic, 
I saw a lady buy this earlier and it was one of those items that immediately caught my 
eye and as soon as I saw it 
I was scouring the shop for it. 
Don't you just love eyeing up other people shopping!!!

Once I tried it on it didn't disappoint I was smitten
 with the design, colours and fit.

Below are some of my favourite outfit picks Ursula put together for me, knowing my love of 
florals and also my apprehension of block colour and 
trousers, she convinced me to try cobalt blue and bright purple as well as three quarter trousers all of which 
I would normally turn my nose up but in this instance 
 I absolutely loved them, its all about trying new things that push us and realising that they 
don't look so bad after all.



My Personal Stylist Ursula

I had such an amazing afternoon at the Taking Shape Store in Bristol 
thanks so much for having me guys.

You can view my little style vlog I did of my visit over on my 
You Tube Channel  HERE I hope you enjoy.

Go check out Taking Shape on

Em xxxx

          *items I were very kindly gifted. 

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