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Sunday, February 02, 2014

A few weeks ago I was contacted from the lovely guys at Marisota asking if I would like to take part in 'Dressolutions'......

We all make resolutions at the start of a new year, but do you make 'Dressolutions"? 
I know I don't.
I stick to the style I enjoy and love... dresses... flowers... prints.... you know the drill.

So when I was offered the chance to step out of that comfort zone and make a dressolution.... I really decided to push my boundaries.... I want to wear more casual items opposed to dressy all the time and so here is what I like to call 
"Casual Em" ;)

What perfect opportunity with the awful weather we've been having to try and break out of the dresses and start wearing a raincoat and jeans..... these items I genuinely try to steer clear of, I like pretty opposed to practical... but I have to say I have truly enjoyed being 'Practical' for a change.

The first I item I close was this Trespass Jacket in hot pink - perfect and girly
It is lightweight and roomy and the good thing about Marisota is they stock the larger sizing of these coats. I also found it to be a lot longer than in the picture on the website, which suits me better as more of me stays dryer.

The second item I chose were jeans... I have a love hate relationship with jeans... I love the look of them.... hate the feel of them.

I chose a pair of Joe Browns Bootcut Jeans  and I sized up which I am glad I did, jeans are a tricky item on me... I think its my shape.

I have to say that I found these jeans rather comfy and also flattering.. cue picture of my touché below.

They also had this cute pink cross stitching on the pockets that I loved.

All in all I have enjoyed taking part in Dressolutions and will definitely be unleashing 
"Casual Em'"more often.

Do you have any Dressolutions? 

Why not check out the Marisota Website HERE and try something new this year.


Em xxxx

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  1. Hi Emma ahh you really suit casual clothing you should wear it more often,i have the same trespass jacket but in another colou,and i know what you mean about jeans ilike the look but the feel in uncomfy and you have to get the right shape of jeans etc and me being 5"1 even petite are a bit long ha ha,love ur hat that matches the jacket you look so gorgeous,would love you to follow my blog back please if you can i would be thrilled thanks love vinny and i follow you everywhere anyway i'm a bit of a stalker like that mwhaa xx♥xx

  2. soz forgot to leave my blog link here it is thanks ♥


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