Claire Richards SS14 Floral Embroidered Dress Review*

Friday, February 07, 2014

Hey Everyone,

Today I will be showing you the second gorgeous dress I was very kindly sent from the 
SS14 Claire Richards collection at Fashion World.

This has already been immensely popular and I have seen some most awesome ladies showing this dress off and looking beautiful... yes I'm talking about you BeBe, Nancy and Leah.... ;) 

I particularly fell in love with this dress for a couple of reasons...

A) Flowers.... I love floral print and 
B) Pockets, another thing I love in dresses

Now its one thing to have pockets in a casual dress but to have pockets in this kind of dress... amazing!!!! 
Now I know where I'm putting my phone when I'm at my friends wedding :)

I found the dress to be generous and stretchy and again the pockets add that tulip effect hiding a multitude of sins at the front (where I tend to carry my weight) it was just perfect.

As for the the print it is just so vibrant popping out at you.

You can purchase this dress online HERE

Don't forget to check out the entire SS14 collection from Claire Richards

Also why not check out my You Tube Video?

Till next time...

Love Emma xxxx

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