Plus North Part 2 | Saturday Day & Modelling for Simply Be

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hey Everyone,

So this is Part 2 of my Plus North write up. 
Apologies, I promised this yesterday but we have been car hunting so I haven't been near a computer.

On the actual day of the event myself and Chris were down as helpers for the day 
(as well as me dashing off to do a spot of modelling)

What I wore during the day
Dress: Asos
Leggings: Next
Tan Pumps that you can't see: Primark

 We arrived at the Renaissance Hotel at 9.30am and started our roles as helpers, we were greeted by Toni, Becky and her hubby Mike and also the lovely Kathryn who was preparing all the balloons for the table. 
Cue intake of helium and silly voices, we quickly got some sort of balloon blowing, tying and ribboning production line and the job was done, then I was nominated tea girl which seemed to go down well. 

Kathryn enjoyed the brew I made

After a good cuppa myself and Chris were issued our staff lanyards and sent down stairs to meet exhibitors and show them the way and also guide the bloggers who were attending the first workshop at 10am.

Us and our lanyards

After this we were given the duties of goodie bag filing and by this time Kaye and hubby Andy had arrived  and Mike was around to help with this too... cue 250x bags to be opened and filed. 
But it wasn't so bad as we had such a laugh with these guys and I often found myself in tears of laughter.

Goodie Bag Filing

At 11am I had to dash off to be fitted for my outfit for modelling with Simply Be and also got fitted with a lovely bra and pants from Panache which all the models were very fortunate to be gifted, and I actually found out I was wearing the wrong size bra. 
The one I have been given fits like a dream now so thank you to the lady that fitted me (her name escapes me) but she was so helpful.

Whilst dashing around I managed to stop for half hour and say hi to a few people I'd been wanting to meet for ages like Charl, Rosie,Vicky, and the lovely Patty from Miss Diffusa who had a stand there, also the gorgeous Betty.. Oh my she is STUNNING

Me & Rosie

Vicky & Me

The doors opened at 1pm and Chris and Andy did a fab job on the door giving out all the brochures and topping up the sweets for everyone.

Chris & Andy doing a stellar job on the door - Pic Courtesy of Kitty Jackson Photography

At around 1.15pm I FINALLY met the lovely Zoe, I'd been speaking to her for a little while over Twitter and I knew she was nervous attending and as soon as I saw her I pulled her in for a big hug. From then on were were inseparable chatting, perusing the clothes, having fun pictures taken in the photobooth. 

Me & Zoe 

Fun in the photobooth with Zoe

From that day we have been in contact everyday and I feel we were meant to meet. 
We are going to be great friends I can just feel it and can't wait to see her again in a few weeks!!!

I also met up with the lovely Linda, I couldn't wait to meet her either, she is just so gorgeous and lovely. 
I'm gutted we didn't get to spend much time together as I was here there and everywhere but we definitely plan to meet up again in the future.

Zoe, Me & Linda (where's my neck??!!) Pic courtesy of Zoe

At 1.45pm it was show time. Myself along with some other beauties had been selected to model for Simply Be. I was wearing a perfect little pinafore dress for the winter.

With my legs trembling I strutted down the walkway. 
The feeling was amazing and I could hear Zoe and Linda whooping in the background and I gave Kathryn a high five as I finished. Such a buzz.

Jelly Legs on the catwalk

On the catwalk - Pic courtesy of Kitty Jackson Photography

After the catwalk show I got to peruse the stalls a bit more with Zoe and we dressed a mannequin at the Bon Prix stand. (sorry Zoe I didn't get a pic of your one... dunno why!!)

Dressing a mannequin at the Bon Prix stand

By 4pm I had to rush off again for the final catwalk and then go over to Scarlett & Jo to find out what I was modelling at the evening event (post three to follow soon) and I somehow lost Linda and Zoe... gutted.... but its OK cause I know I'll see them again soon.

All in all the day event just went by in a flash.... it was so fantastic to be part of such an AMAZING event. 
Thanks to Becky & Toni and also a BIG THANK YOU to Simply Be for allowing me to model the lovely dress and also letting me keep it afterwards. So generous.

Me & the other lovely ladies that modelled for Simply Be - Pic courtesy of Simply Be

Myself and Chris truly enjoyed ourselves during the day and we can't wait for next year.

And a little message for Kaye, Andy and Mike ... F + P = D (private joke sorry) 


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Love the photograph of you and me!! Such a great day and loved meeting you both x

  2. This is so lovely, I had an amazing day, thank you so much for making so much fun :) I'm so lucky to have met you and become friends, it is so nice to just click with someone, I am very lucky indeed, and you rocked that catwalk Mrs M xxxxxxx

  3. We arrived at the Renaissance Hotel at 9.30am and started our roles as helpers, we were greeted by Toni, Becky and her hubby Mike and also the lovely Kathryn who was preparing all the balloons for the table. plus size model search


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