Beauty Wednesday | Battle of the Foundations

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hey Everyone,
So today is my first Beauty Wednesday and I want to talk to you about foundations.
I've got together 3x different priced foundations and put them to the test.
I can be funny when it comes to foundations and with an oily T zone and rosacea on the sides of my face I tend to look for products that have a balance of oil and matt in them.
I have used the following three products during a working day to test their durability to be able to give an honest opinion of what I thought.

So, as you all know I am a Clinque junkie, I love their products, even thought they can be a tad pricey.
This Superbalanced Foundation in no 3 Ivory works wonders with my skin.
 I can put this on at 7am before work and its still goes strong by the time I get home from work and if I went out after work I find I only need to add a couple more dabs of it to make my face look fresh again.
This costs £22.00 for 30ml which sounds expensive but the good thing about this foundation is you get no waste, if I have put too much on my hand I can simply scoop it back into the bottle which for me happens quite a lot and so having the screw lid really works for me.
The colour is a nice even tone and it just sits nicely on the skin, even when layered up it doesn't feel too heavy.

I wanted to try an mid range priced product and thought I would try the Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory
The bottle is a pump style and that is also good for me to gage how much I use.
As for coverage if you want a really heavy coverage I found it took a long time to layer it up, that said once it was layered it lasted for most of the working day.
But by 3pm I felt my face was looking tired (moreso than normal lol).
This costs £6.99 and
I think this foundation is a great 'at work' or going out for the day foundation but be prepared to top it up regularly if you are going out for a long period of time.

Last but not least is the MUA Undress Your Skin in Porcelain.
Now, I adore MUA products, they are so purse friendly and I could rave about the power pouts for ages, but.... sadly this foundation did nothing for me.
Firstly I found it really runny, and it shoots out the tube really quickly that you are left with a lot of wasted product in your hand, its a squeezy bottle so you can't dispense it back in unfortunately which is annoying. Secondly I found it just didn't blend very well, it made my skin feel claggy and horrible.
I persevered with it at work but by midday I could just feel it just sitting on my skin still so I had to strip it off and use another product. Maybe it just didn't suit my skin and irritated it I don't know but all in all I found this product really disappointing.
It only costs £5.00 which is great value for a foundation, I'm sorry to say it just wasn't for me.

And so, I have to say my winner has to the Clinique Superbalanced foundation, yes it may be a tad pricey but when it comes to creating a canvas for your make up I cannot fault this foundation at all.
What are you favourite foundations? Any other recommendations?
Mrs M xxxx

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