Style it Saturday - Pretty Punk

Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Style It Saturday is a celebration of individuality which allows bloggers involved to showcase their own unique style. Each month there is a theme which we interpret to suit our styles and shapes, in order to share ideas and put our own imaginations to the test!"

The idea was founded by Emily & Bee during one of our #psbloggerschat chats on Sunday and 
I'm very excited to see where the challenges take us.

This months Challenge was: Pretty Punk

Now, Punk is not a style I can say I have ever tried, I didn't have anything remotely punk like in my wardrobe... I'm all about the flowers and prints me!!!  
But this challenge has been fun!!

Can you actually believe that what I'm wearing are actually pyjama's?? 
I got these PJ's from Asda for £5 and think they fit the title of the challenge perfectly.
They are punky and they are quite pretty.... oh and to add another title to the equation, they are PINK.

Doing my most random punk face there in the top right.... scary!!! lol
The necklace is also from Asda, only £1.50 bargain!!

What do you guys think?? lol

Don't forget to check out the other ladies taking part in this challenge.

Looking forward to next months challenge already!!


Mrs M xxxx

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