Fancy a Pre-Christmas Blogger Meet Up????

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hey Guys,

No you are not seeing things, there is a Christmas picture in this post!!!
Can you tell I'm excited for Xmas!!?
I just love Christmas, it's my most favourite time of year, present buying, decorating the tree, mulled wine, silly jumpers, spending time with loved ones, just that general festive feeling....
Anyways, onto the purpose of this post...I think the title here is self explanatory :)
After attending the London Blogger meet up last Saturday it has spurned me on to maybe try and organise a meet up myself, and its seems I am not alone, the lovely Clare form a teenie bit of this and that also had the same thought, and spookily enough we even had the same Secret Santa Idea, great minds eh?
And so, we have decided to plan one together... yay!!!
Soooo here is what we are thinking.....
Meet Up in London (better shops and general Christmassy feeling), venue to be sorted.
Currently thinking of Saturday November 30th.
We will then have 25 shopping days left till Christmas!!
 There will be that festive feel around the shops and a chance to get some pressies for people,
to be honest people are always mega busy the weekends in December seeing family and friends so this weekend is ideal.
(plus its payday for a lot of us)
We thought that all attendees could bring a Secret Santa Christmas Present and then at the venue before we go shopping everyone gets to take their surprise gift home to either open there or take home and place under the tree ready for Christmas Day.
We are not talking mega presents either, maybe to the value of a fiver or somat??
We all know its near Christmas and money will be tight.
Of course I'm thinking Santa hats will have to be a must too;)
What do we think? Do you like the idea?
We would love your feedback and if you would like to attend please drop us a comment below, tweet me or email me on to give us ideas of numbers involved so we can plan ahead.


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I'm defintiely up for coming to this - what a fab idea! :) x

  2. I'm up North so it won't be a possibility for me that near to Christmas, but it's a brilliant idea x

  3. Would have been lovely, it's my step son's birthday so we have a big birthday weekend planned, but have fun everyone! :) x

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Totally in :) xxxx

  5. Sounds amazing, love the pants off Christmas!! X

  6. Hi.. i am looking for the Christmas gifts ideas for my family and friends can your suggest me some gifts for giving my family on this christmas celebration??


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