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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Soooo some of you may have noticed a change non???

I have decided to change my blog name. I've been wanting to for some time now.
Its not that I didn't like 'Plus Size Millard' its just I didn't want that to epitomise me, or us if you like. 
Yes we are a plus size couple but there are also many sides to us than being plus size, I like to add in a few beauty posts every now and again as well as some lifestyle posts and I had been wanting a name to encompass all of that and so 'Meet The Millards' was born.

During the transition it seems I have disappeared off your reading lists and off Bloglovin and effectively this feels like starting again... crumbs!!! 

If you enjoy reading my blog then please can I ask you all to resubscribe on google GFC (that is still around I see) and also re follow me on Bloglovin the link is HERE 

If you fancy subscribing to my You Tube Channel then the link for that is HERE too.

Now that I've clogged your brain with all the places you can find me I'll leave you all be.

I hope you all like the name change and still continue to enjoy the blog as normal.

I'm setting up a facebook page at present and I'll blog about that later this week.

Lots of Love

The Millards


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