London Blogger Meet Up

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey Everyone,

On Saturday I attended my very first Beauty Blogger Meet Up.

It was organised by the very lovely Helen from Beautifully Superfluous and wow she did a cracking job
Well done Helen!!!

As it was my first event I was very nervous and so my friend Lindsay came with me, she is looking into starting a blog so it was good for her to interact too.

Me & Lindsay having a cuppa before the meet up
We arrived at Tiger Tiger in Picadilly just after midday and we were greeted by Helen bringing in boxes of Cake Pops... nommy nommy!!!
Slowly but surely other bloggers started to arrive and I started to recognise faces as well as exchange hugs and frantic waving between me and Clare from a teenie bit of this and that who was over the other side of the room.

We were lucky enough to be treated to some paper eyelash applications from Paperself 
Wow, they are so pretty and so light you wouldn't even know you had them on, I opted for the vintage style ones.

Having Our Lashes applied and yummy cake pops

It was so nice to put faces to the some of the blogs and tweets I read and meeting the likes of Natasha, Sophie, Rachel, Clare, Natalie, and Sasha as well as some new people along the way, the lovely Claire and Olivia, PoppyGrace, Kat, Georgina, and Vicky.

Some of the lovely bloggers L-R: Natasha, Sophie & Rachel, Me and Sasha, Me and Clare (abotat)  and Claire (pink chick claire)  and Me.
As you can imagine 30 ladies chattering about beauty and eating cake it was a busy affair indeed and sadly I didn't get to chat individually to everyone.

Before we decided to spend some of our hard earned cash we were all treated to goodie bags, bursting full of goodies and when I mean bursting I'm not kidding.
So many companies have been so generous and Helen has done a fab job sorting these out for us.
We were so spoilt and I'm so grateful.

After much chatting, beverage drinking and cake eating we decided to go SHOPPING!!
We split into groups as its much easier that way, imagine the poor sales assistants is 30 of us all descended at the same shop. lol.

L to R: Clare and Natalie, The lovely organiser Helen and Me, My Illamasqua purchase and MAC lipstick on wish list.

First shop was Illamasqua and yip yip yippie they had a sale on, I purchased three things which I will haul later on, I was very excited to make my first Illamasqua purchase.

We then browsed Liberty dept store and by this time we had to leave as Lindsay had to get her train and I had to meet Chris who bless him had kept himself busy in London for a few hours while I attended the meet up and shopped, and so for me it was a brief shopping trip, although I did manage to persuade Chris to go to Selfridges before we went for some dinner just so I could peruse the MAC counter and I fell in love with a gorgeous lippie called I'm Passioned, after mucho hints to Chris I think he is going to treat me to it for my birthday in a few weeks. Yay!!!

All in all it was great day and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of great people whom I hope to see again soon. Going to this event has given me food for thought to try to organise a Christmas Blogger meet up, in fact myself and Clare are in talks about a joint collaboration (meet up, not singing ha ha)  so watch this space !!!

Thanks again to Helen for organising such a fab day.
Mrs M xxxx

You can also view my (sort of) vlog of the day HERE

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  1. Awww looks like so much fun! The paper lashes look super cute and fun and I think the lip color looks great on you!


  2. Thanks for sharing..
    It must be fun and U must have a good day..



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