30 Day Challenge - Day 6 - Wife, Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Friend & SHOPPING WHORE

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Morning Everyone,

When I read todays challenge

'If you couldn't answer with your job, what do you do?'

I have to admit I was a bit stumped. Usually when someone asks 'what do you do?' I would say 'Oh I work in a sales office, yadda yadda'.... So if that was taken away from me... what would I say I do, besides the obvious blogging etc....???

Ok lets break this down....

Firstly I'm a Wife, the best job in the world for me at the moment, it helps when you have a such a great husband. Loves You Chrissifer xx

Then I'm a Daughter, I have a fantastic mum and we are more like friends sometimes, except for when talking about nudey rudies, no one wants to talk to their mum about sex right???**shudders**

Then I'm a Grandaughter, poor nan has been really poorly lately and is still in hospital, we see her twice in the week and once at weekends and I finish work early on a Friday I  get the bus up to the hospital every week and we play cards for like 2 hours. I let her win, obvz ;)

Then I'm a Sister to a little brother, who is not so little anymore he's like 6 foot and calls me 'Stumps' or 'Shortie' at every opportunity. He can be an annoying lil ratbag at times but he knows I will usually do anything for him, cause he's ma lil bro.

Then I'm a Friend, I have some AMAZING friends let me tell you I have been blessed with an array of the bestest friends ever and even though some of them are scattered around the country whenever we see each other its like no time has passed at all

And Finally, yes, I am a SHOPPING WHORE..... what better way to spend a couple hours of a weekend than trawling the shops.... Chris HATES this but hey a girl has gotta get her fix!!

So there we have it, that is what I do when A) I'm not at work or B) Blogging, Tweeting or Instagramming.

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See you tomorrow for Challenge 7

Love Mrs M xxxx

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