30 Day Challenge - Day 26 - And They Called it Puppy Love

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey Guys....

No its real, don't faint, I'm back..... its fair to say I have for want of a better word, been totally and utterly 'Crap' at this 30 day challenge.... I started off really well, I had the very best intentions of posting everyday but as you can probably tell I've missed like a whole week or maybe more... ooooopsie!!!
Smack my hand!!!
Well I have my 'must try harder' hat on today and aim to complete the last few days scouts honour!!!

And soooo today's challenge is: Something I Have Read Online.
Well like most mornings when I get up I have a lil scan of the newspapers online and today on the Daily Mail I read THIS story and it really tickled me.

You all know I'm a dog lover, I love my Harveypoo he is the furry light of my life buuuuuut...... this article.... no, just NO!!! I actually read it with my mouth open.... 8K on their pooches to be at their wedding.... Even my ACTUAL wedding didn't cost that much. More money than sense I say!!

Check out the other girls Challenge 26:

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See you tomorrow for Challenge 27.

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I'm with you. I adore my little poochies, but that is going way way too far. 8k? Don't think so!


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