The A-Z of US.....

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

We thought we would do a little post about us and decided to do a

Here goes...

The A-Z of US....

A - Animals. We are both big animal lovers, mainly dogs and we have a Westie called Harvey and he stays at our nans during the day while we work. He is very spoilt but very cute.
B - Bums.  For some reason it's what we call our PJ bottoms, 'i'm just going to put my 'bums' on'... 'can you bring me my 'bums' downstairs.... why I don't know.
C - Coleslaw. Mr M has a phobia of coleslaw, he can't bear to look at it, the smell of it makes him gag, if anyone remotely puts any coleslaw on his plate at a restaurant next to his burger he feels his dinner is instantly ruined unless I scrape it off and wipe that part it was on till every trace is gone, I've even been known to nibble on the edge of a burger off his plate because a bit of coleslaw juice touched it. hahaha.

D - Dandelion and Burdock. We love love love this stuff, every big shop we do we have to buy a couple of bottles
E - Events Co-ordinator. Mr M is an Events Co-ordinator and gets to go to lots of events like Ascot & The Grand Prix and stuff - I never get to go tho :( boooo.
F - Feet. Our feet have to touch in bed every night to be able to sleep. Ahhhhh.

G - Golf.  Mr M likes playing golf but has a poor handicap ;-)
H - Holidays. We  absolutely love our holidays and always aim to go abroad once a year.
I - Italian.  I am half Italian and I love it, I love my Italian roots and I make a mean pasta sauce.

J - Jäger.  This stuff repulses me ever since drinking half a bottle at my sister in laws wedding.
K - Kettle chips.  We have to buy a bag every time we do the big food shop.
L - Laugh. We laugh together every single day without fail.
M - May. We got married in May and we love this month for that and the fact it has TWO Bank Holidays in it!!
N - Netflix. Is our unhealthy obsession right now.
O - Oranges. We both love oranges, random but true.

P - Polystyrene. I have a phobia of it I can't bear to touch it or hear it, even typing this talking about it has given me goosebumps...aaarrrgh.

Q - Quilt hogger. I am a total quilt hogger, I love it, he hates it. Perfect.
R - Roast Dinners.  OhMaaaGawd we make the best team in the kitchen roast dinners are our speciality. Christmas Dinner in our house is amazeballs
S - Silly Faces.  We do a lot of silly faces in the privacy of our own home but Mr M cracks up every time I do a silly sketch called 'my names chubby' anyone heard of it?
T - Toilets. We met outside a nightclub toilet that we both worked at. Mr M already worked there but it was my first night and we bumped into each other getting changed into our promotional t shirts we had to wear for the night. We both remember getting butterflies. Cheesy but true.
U - USA. The best place we have ever been on holiday.
V - Vegas. We desperately want to go back there soon. Its like an adult Disneyland.

W - 'Will you stop flicking through those channels' A common phrase in our house. Mr M is a serial channel hopper.
X - XXL. Mr M's size
Y - Yin to my Yan. Mr M is the yin to my yan. Love him muchly.
Z - Zodiac. We are both the same star sign, Leo's rrrrraaarrrr but I'd I'm more hot headed and passionate about things while Mr M is more laid back.

Hope you enjoyed our little fun A-Z
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. love this post! My hubby would be jealous about your husband getting to work the grand prix! He is a huge F1 fan! You two are obviously perfect together, I love seeing couples so happy and comfortable in their own skin together :) xx

    1. Aww thanks hun, we are deffo comfy in our own skin. He does have a fun job, hard work sometimes tho and long hours, perks are good for him tho xx

  2. This is a great idea for a post! Really enjoyed reading it!


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