How I handle work stress

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Good Morning,

Happy Thursday Everyone, for those of you that work Mon - Fri,
we're nearly there its the home stretch... nearly the weekend!!! Woooooo!!

So todays post is about work stress and how I personally handle it....

Whatever job you do there is always going to be a certain amout of stress involved its enevitable, I think even the most perfect idelic jobs have there down moments. Its natural.

I have always tried not to be one of those people that take work stress home, but as of late its been hard not too. Sometimes its can be difficult to seprerate the two no matter how hard you try.

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping, its awful, cogs whirring round my brain mulling over things that you should of done better, or bits that I may have forgotten to do whilst trying to do everything else.
In light of this I have compiled a little list of things that I try to do to combat the demon of work  STRESS!!
1) Talk
 Talking is good, weather it be to your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, dad or even have a good rant with a friend. Sometimes even talking to the dog can help, it gets it all out in the open and makes you feel better (even if the dog can't talk back)

2) Cuddle.
There's nothing nicer than a a great big cuddle as soon as you get home.

3) Exercise.
Go for a walk when you get home or a jog, or do an exercise class. It it proven to help with stress and  releases endorphins, the happy hormone.

4) Wind down.
Whatever you do to wind down and make you feel calm do it, I personally find curling up and watching a romcom perfect wind down, y'know, the type of films where you don't have to over think things, ones that are lighthearted and have happy endings. Some of you may enjoy reading, some of you relish in family time. whatever your wind down niche, do it.
Let all the days work issues float away.

5) Bath.
I find this most definatly the best thing. Lots of bubbles, candles and chilling music. Bliss!!!

These things tend to work for me, others may have different approaches to it.
How do you combat work stresses?
I am slowly realising with each day that passes that life is too short to worry about work stresses. Whatever I can't do today will still be there tomorrow.
Just because I forget to fill in a spreadsheet doesn't mean the world is going to end in an apocolypse its something that can easily be rectified.
I doubt I will ever truly combat it, but all I know is that the things above really help me try to deal with it on a daily basis.
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I am slowly finding ways of de-stressing whilst at work. You are right, life is just too short. I find just moving myself away from the situation for a couple of minutes helps or alternatively, I have my phone at the ready at lunch to play a song or two which never fails to calm me down.

    1. I find going for a walk round the block at lunch helps too xx


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