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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hands up, who here is constantly getting bored of their hair....... I know I do on a daily basis, I have a running joke with my hairdresser than she never knows what I'm gonna say to her when I go in.

I go blonde, I go brown, I go in between, I want a bit of red, I want a fringe, I'm bored with my fringe, I want peroxide, The root upkeep is too much... its endless.....
At the moment I am sort of in my inbetweeny stage (is inbetweeny an actual word??!)
I had my hair dyed a sort of warm brown colour back in November, basically because the blonde root upkeep was driving me insane. But after a few weeks of colouring it fades and goes lighter by the day.
Maybe I am meant to be a blonde after all ;)

Anyways, while I mull over my next hair move I thought I would give you guys a brief rundown of my hair over the last 12 years or so..

The red phase, I think this is around 1999. A time when clearly I thought fiery red hair, and a rock hard hair sprayed fringe was suitable

Next came the L'oreal No 10 Box Dye phase. This lasted for a few years.

Then came the invention of GHD's. Still blonde but with caramel tones.

Ahhh the yellow blonde, short bob, straight hair look.

Decided to let it grow and go a more mousey brown colour, keeping it a more wavy Au naturel look.

Didn't last long tho, the peroxide is here and so is the length.

Still bleaching it blonde, adding a fringe.

The root upkeep was too much so I opted for a warm brown do, a few days after this pic was taken my hair went green. The different hairdresser I used forgot to use a reddy based brown dye. I wasn't impressed.

They soon rectified this and I stayed a warm brown for a while.

Yep, getting bored again, I've added some blonde highlights.

The blonde came back..... 

And then it went again.

This last picture was taken last week.
This is the current colour of my hair.

I have to admit I miss my blonde hair, but can I be bothered with the upkeep??? 

Off to the hairdressers at the end of the month..... what shall I do??? Arrrrgh!!! 


Em xxxx

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  1. I'm much the same. I just tell my hairdresser to do what she likes now! I think you're one of those lucky people who suits lots of hair colours.

    I did a retrospective of hair and make up ages ago here if you fancy a nose. x x

    1. Hey Leah, I love posts like this, your post is fab too!! Ah thank you hun, I;m still undecided. Im thinking Ombre!! xx

  2. I always get so excited to read hair over the years posts! My hair has been the same color, same length, same style since I was 13 years old! I want to change it but my curls are so frizzy and delicate its crazy! I wanted to go black, but everyone has discouraged it. We will see though! I am so ready for a massive change!

    1. Do it hun!!! If you hate it then you can always dye it back!! I get so bored with my hair. lol..... I think a change is a good thing!! xxx

  3. Well one thing I am going to say... you don't look any older from the top to the bottom pictures... so let's forget about hair do's and tell me what's your beauty secret please?? xx

  4. Hahahaha Thanks Patty, ummm don't know.... good genes!! lol.... xx


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