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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

One of the latest fashion trend in women’s t shirts is slogan and statement tees.
If you like celeb spotting like me you will know that wearing a slogan t-shirt is nothing new, in fact many have been doing it for years. There are so many styles and variations, and celebs have always liked to use their image to get certain messages across, 
However more recently the simple slogan t-shirt has come back into style.
 They are now sporting one word phrases or statements, such as “Geek”, “Cheeky” etc etc.
 I always wondered if I was a little old for them at nearly 32 but nevertheless I wanted to give them a try.

So, today we decided to go for a brisk walk and I decided to wear my 'GEEK' T-shirt that the lovely people at Simply Be sent to me to try.

Living in the country can be lovely sometimes, I do love a good walk somewhere pretty, Mr Plus Size Millard and myself are lucky enough to live only 5 miles away from Shaftesbury a town famous for Gold Hill, anyone who's seen the 'Hovis' advert for bread will recall the little boy pushing his bike up the hill  with trumpet music in the background, for those of you who don't remember or have never seen it just type 'Hovis Advert Gold Hill' into You Tube.
(Random fact for you, Ridley Scott directed the advert.)

The famous Gold Hill
Gorgeous View

Getting Geeky :D

Just a bit of a stroll

The hill is quite steep

Worn with a mini denim skirt, leggings, boots and my parka I think I embraced the 'Slogan' look.
What do you guys think? 

Nearly at the top

You can buy this fab T-Shirt here from Simply be for £20.00 
It comes in a polyester material so if you want the oversized look I would recommend sizing up by a couple of sizes to stop it clinging.

All in all I'm loving this comfy casual T-Shirt and I'm feeling rather trendy today.

Has anyone got a Slogan T-shirt? What do you think of it?


Mrs M xxxx 

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  1. Love it! The shirt is great! :) xoxo

  2. I have been stalking that tee for what seems like forever! You're rocking it out!! Love it!!


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