Five Minute Friday Follow with Carrie from Cazmosworld.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone,

Its time for another Five Minute Friday Follow.

This week please welcome Carrie from

1) Hi Carrie, When did you start your blog and why?
My blog is only a baby at the moment. I started it on 29th January 2013. It was a spur of the moment decision. I was a crafter with my own business which I done outwith my full time job so basically I had no time to myself as if I wasn't working I was doing orders.  I had a blog at the time which I started when I started crafted also and I loved nothing more than updating it with the latest cards I had made and various other things. I also loved to look back every now and again to see how my style had changed and to see the difference in quality of my stuff.  My husband got me a kitten in November (she was to be a Christmas present) and since then I haven't really had the chance to craft at all. Just before we got her I had started looking up some makeup tutorials on YouTube but when we had her I would go onto my iPad and watch video after video of various make up tutorials and hints and tips. I progressed very quickly into watching various hauls and daily makeup routines and I quickly had my favourite YouTubers. It was around about December that I noticed that there were also beauty blogs and I was hooked.  I didn't miss the crafting as such but I definately missed having a blog and being able to look back on what I had learned so I decided to start a beauty blog which I could also use for life updates as well. My blog was mainly for me to keep a record of my progress and chatrt what I was learning as a beauty newbie but I love when I see that I have a new follower and if I have helped someone out by blogging about what I have learned on my beauty journey then all the better. 

2) Describe your style in 5 words
Simple, Natural, Girly, Individual, Casual

3) What are your favourite things to blog about?
At the moment I have only blogged about beauty and in the main its been makeup. In the future though I will be blogging about various other things in my life as and when they happen and no doubt there will be a few posts about my kitten!

4) 5 things you couldn't live without?
My iPhone, Mascara, Foundation, Socks and Moisturiser.   I know socks are quite a random thing to say but I have the coldest feet ever and if my feet are cold then I get grumpy!  Really grumpy and that is no fun for anyone.  I like to have nice toasty toes so I NEED socks in my life to keep me happy!

5) Who are your style icons?
Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe definately. I also like the 80's style Madonna and Cyndi Lauper but these aren't looks I think I would suit on a day to day basis. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to attempt the make up for blog purposes of course, but on a day to day basis I wouldn't walk around like that it would only be to play around with and for 80's inspired parties.

Any last words?
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you all around Blogworld. If you do check out my blog then please take a minute or two to say hello so I can return the favour by visiting your blog. 

Thanks to Carrie for taking part in this weeks Five Minute Friday Follow. Be sure to check out her blog on:    and you can follow her on Twitter @casmosworld

Have a great weekend guys 

Em xxxx

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  1. such a nice outfit *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to join in with Friday Follow. I loved answering the questions.

    Cant wait to see next week's Friday Follow.

    Carrie xxxx

  3. This is such a good idea! :) Can't wait to read more! xx

  4. I would love to see more pictures of your outfits. I'm not that great at coming up with outfits and being a plus size girl it's hard to figure out what looks good on me. I love seeing styles on plus size girls that I would never dare to try or think of.


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