MUA FUR-EFFECT NAILS - What a Fluffing Mess!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I couldn't wait to try out the new MUA 'FUR' Effect nails.
After reading up about them it looked like a fun new thing to try.

Be warned this post is quite picture heavy.

They come in five different colours, Boo Boo Fluff (a vibrant sea blue colour), Fluffy Bobbin (an Electric Blue colour), Fluff & Cuddles (a rich plummy colour), Fluffy Puff (a baby pink colour) & Fluffy Fuzz (a hot pink colour).
I opted for two of the colours to try, Fluffy Bobbin and Fluff & Cuddles. 
They are all available at Superdrug and are £3 each.
I will show you the Fluffy Bobbin one I tried in this post.

Well I can honestly say I am not impressed at all....infact.. what a fluffing mess!

After reading the instructions clearly I went to get a nail varnish of similar colour to act as the base for my fur to sit on, the only one I could find was a Boots No 7 one in Navy from an old Christmas set.

Boots No 7 Navy Blue & MUA FUR Effect in Fluffy Bobbin

Step 1
Apply two thin coats of nail polish.

Coat One

Coat Two

Step 2
Firmly shake the Nail Fluff into the lid and press the wet nail into the fur until covered

Gently Rolling 

Trying to evenly coat the nail

Firmly pressing into the fur

Step Three
Blow off the excess for an even finish, repeat process for full on fur

Ok so this is looking rather messy now!

The effect I got after blowing off any excess... My ring finger turned out ok as you can see, but then it just into a bobbly mess

Taaa Daaaa..... Looking good..NOT!!
Hmmmm I'm not keen at all.....

Ok so then a thought enters my head, what about if I need to wash up? What about when I go the the toilet and wash my hands? I understand I knew this wasn't going to practical product when I started and I'm fully aware that this effect is moreso meant for a night out and not the normal humdrum wear but none the less lets try this.

I thought I would leave it half an hour to dry then wash my hands.

Just a gentle wash, not submerging the hands

Ewwww what a soggy mess and the fur is matted and clogged

Won't be buying this again in a hurry
It felt so horrible I couldn't wait to get the nail varnish remover to strip the stuff off.
I can safely say I'm not a fan, maybe I did it wrong? maybe some of you are a whizz at this technique, clearly i'm not... lol, ah well you win some you lose some.
 I think I'll stick with the normal nail varnishes and crackle effects from now on. 
Least I tried :)


Em xxxx

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  1. I saw this and really didn't fancy giving it a go, I don't like those kind of textures! I've seen some hit and miss reviews so glad I saved my money! Just started following your blog :) XXX

    1. Yeh save your money I say hun! Thank you for the follow. I've followed yours too, its fab, really enjoying your posts xx

  2. This is chuffing awful, great review good to know what this is like! xxxxx

    1. Yarp chuffing Nora its chuffing awful, well for me anyway, other may love it :) xx

  3. I had enough hassle trying to get magnetic polish to work I knew not to even try fur nails!! Just give me boring old nail polish is decent colours and I'm happy!!

  4. Hi, great blog! :)
    I love these fur nails but know it can be very messy and difficult! I found that you can only use one coat and you have to throw the fur on as opposed to pressing/rolling your nail into the fur and this made it stay on better. I did a review of it here if you want to check it out: (hope you don't mind the add of the link!) Just thought you might want to take a look in case you decide to give them another go :)


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