My very first Blog...Wahooooo!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Soooo Hi Everyone.....

My names Emma and this is my first Blog.....

After what seems like 20 million attempts to set up this blog, its seems i'm there... well I think I am.....?! Eeek !!! I'm still really new at all this and trying to fathom out how to set it up, layout my page and make it look all pretty....

Basically the lowdown on me....
Im a 30 ...something ... plus size lady that loves fashion, make up, anything sparkly, and my husband and family... not in that order of course ;-)

I've wanted to start a blog for ages and well its the start of a new year and the start of a new project....

I want to blog mainly about my life, make up and fashion and general things that are on my mind...

I hope you all enjoy and please bear with me until I become a whizz at all this....

Lot of Love

Em xxxx

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  1. Woohoo here you are, Im soo excited for your blog, I know you are going to be fabulous, now just give me some of your motivation :)

    Lots of Love



  2. Good luck with it Emma! Excited to see birth of a new blog - mine is still a baby blog, just 6 months old, so I well remember that first post feeling! love iBeheld xx

  3. Ahhh thanks ladies.... Gemma you have been a star helping me... big loves xx

    Thank you for your comment ibehold I will follow you and we can be baby bloggers together :-) xx


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