Fearne Cotton comes up trumps......

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Im a bit of a nail varnish fiend.... I am yet to use the likes of Essie or Barry M yet tho... (I know shocking!!!) Im usually a Next, No 7, Rimmel or Collection 2000 kinda girl.... so when I heard that Fearne Cotton was bringing out a make up range it intrigued me..... I vowed to purchase some make up in the January sales with my christmas money.... and thats just what I did....

For the grand total of £14 I purchased the above...... a travel make up set consisting of six eyeshadows, two blushers, a nude lipstick and a mascara and a set of six nail varnishes....I tried the eyeshadows and they seemed to stay on for most of the day and they have tiny flecks of glitter in giving your eyes that glitzy feel, the blushers were a very light colour, not to overbearing.... as was the nude lipstick.... the concept of this set I think is to over dramatise the eyes and keep everything else simple....
I havent used the mascara yet, Im a bit funny when it comes to mascara... I knida like what I like and stick to it..... so I doubt very much I will be using it. 

The nail varnishes are very rock chick esq... mirroring Fearne's style.... but they are all great colours and ones I can wear again and again..... my particular favourite was Midnight owl....

I cant decide if its black, navy or brown... its almost all of them and the glitter is just sooo pretty... it is def my new favourite for the time being.
With six colours in the set I think even at RRP price £12 I think its not actually a bad price £2 a bottle which is pretty average.
As for wearability... I had mine on for three days and it didn't chip, and in that time I did my normal day to day things as well as a stock take at work lugging heavy boxes around and it still stayed in tact....

I will def be purchasing again

Well Done Fearne Cotton me likey!!!

Lots of Love

Em xxx

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  1. I saw these in boots and was tempted!
    I found your blog via Ceri's follow 4 follow page and am now following! :)

    1. I know, been meaning to try it for ages...I am impressed.... see if you can grab a bargain or two while the sales are still on :-)
      Thanks for the follow... will follow back and look forward to reading your posts xx

  2. Replies
    1. Gorgeous isn't it... she also does a springtime colour range, but that didn't fancy that so much.... I'll link it below.... hope it works..!?


      The darker styles are gorgeous tho.... :-)

      Thanks for the follow.... will look forward to reading your posts xx


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